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Video Visit

Reconnecting loved ones during a global pandemic. #Covid19

Inspiration for Video Visit

Story from the founder of Video Visit (Mike Jones)

I recently had to spend an extended period of time in Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in a critical care unit. I will spare you the details of why because they are unimportant. I made an observation of how our community together can help alleviate a very sad and real problem as the holidays are upon us.

No guests were allowed to visit patients, even those who were terminal because of Covid 19. Spouses, kids, loved ones and friends simply could not drop by to cheer up patients. Many patients were very afraid, lonely and sad. The 87-year-old lady across the hall from me woke up every day calling out for her husband of 61 years. He was not allowed to see her. She passed away alone. This is sadly not an isolated case.

The Reality of the Situation

Obviously the Covid 19 pandemic is not going away any time soon. Nothing can be done at this point to see to it that in-person visits will be possible. The phone can often be so impersonal and you only get to simply converse with one person. So, I envisioned a program that may help alleviate some of the sadness and loneliness that long-term patients or terminally ill patients may be facing as they lay alone in their hospital beds.

We need your help!

We need to collect as many used laptop computers/tablets as possible to be completely scrubbed, erased and all programs or personal data deleted to create clean slate. Load the laptops with the ability to use Zoom.com as a communication platform and be able to be connected easily to the hospital’s wireless network.

Sanitize the laptops completely and package them with their appropriate power cords. Deliver enough laptops to the hospital for them to be available at the nurse’s stations. Have the laptops available to patients who wish to see and hear from their loved ones and friends wherever they may be. Consider the laptops more of an audio/visual portal to loved ones and friends then a computer.

If you don’t have any laptops to donate and you would like to help please feel free to make a donation. Money donations will help pay for parts that some these laptops may need to be in working condition.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get these laptops in the hands of patients in the hospital because of COVID 19 that can’t get visits from their families & friends. With the holidays coming up soon we are working diligently to get this program going in as many hospitals as possible. No one should have to be isolated from their families and loved ones for any reason especially if their situation is dire with COVID 19.

Video Visit is working closely with Power Up Boston an IT company based out of Plymouth Mass. Power Up Boston will be taking the laptops, wiping the data off the hard drives, and ensuring the laptops are fully functional for video  conferencing. Before sending the laptops off to the hospitals the team at Power Up Boston will also be sanitizing and sealing the laptops to ensure no zero contamination.

Laptop Donation Drop Off

As we have stated we are working with Power Up Boston, getting laptops prepared before we send them off to hospitals. Power Up Boston is committed to donating their time and service to help us achieve our goal. Drop off your used laptop, tablet or ipad to Power Up Boston located at 24 Samoset Street in Downtown Plymouth. Call us at (508) 591-0074.